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I thought for a long time that I knew the difference between lose, loose, and loss.  I said I could just tell the difference by thinking about it. No big problem there.

Guess what? I was wrong.

For some reason, I kept thinking that loose (as in, he loosened the ropes) was the same as lose (as in, I will not lose the game.) So I wrote a lot with that spelling in mind.

Now, I have to go back and fix them all. Worse, I have to think about it each time, just to make sure I am right, and I still sometimes get it wrong.

What does this mean? Always look up. The dictionary is your friend.

On another note, I finished my story for the writing contest! Well, almost. I inserted the paper edit into the computer, so I’m practically done. Yay! (Just a few more touch ups.)

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I'm an elementary education major at a college in the Midwest. I might graduate as early as December '13 but more likely May '14. I write when I can. I also knit on occasion, draw, do homework and contradict teachers to make people think. :)

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