when writing random works

Earlier this much, probably actually at the very beginning of this month, I wanted to write desperately. Problem was  that I didn’t want to write what was then my novel and I was lazy and didn’t want to get any paper to actually plan one of the smaller stories bouncing around in my head out.

So for the first time in… years, I did something utterly random. I just started writing. I picked a line in my head, started writing and just letting it flow. I refused to let myself think beyond the next sentence.  I just let it go.

It actually turned out to be a very interesting exercise. I’ve had this beginning line, “I couldn’t say I hated him,” going on in my head for a long time. Writing out a story to follow it got out out of there  and let me move on to other things. Also, I found it fascinating how the story rather evolved.

There was one error when I tried this and that was my sister wanted to watch Dr. Quinn that night. Since I watch Dr. Quinn (don’t ask me why.), I had to break and then continue writing later on. So I did think a little bit about the story in bed that night, then I realized it was more interesting not to think about it, and so I stopped.

Anyway, once I finished, I did edit it twice. I kinda like it. It opens up a lot of possibilities. I’d like to do another story about her, but I’m not sure what. Or about him. I’m not sure.

Oh, and that picture. That is a picture of Micha before the story actually takes place, during the Radiation Storms. I drew it randomly. I also drew it in color but it didn’t come out too well.

I’m not quite sure how to say what the story is about to be quite honest. It’s short, only eight pages, which makes it difficult. I also wrote it automatically in present tense. I’m not quite sure why, except that a lot of my role playing was done in present tense, so I think it just leaks over.

I think all in all it was an interesting experiment. If I am ever smitten with the desire to write as strongly as i was then, I think I would do it again. Yes, was random, but I liked it anyway.

Anyway, here’s the beginning and it’s posted in pages too, under the title of Samuel Brakborn. I actually think that’s going to be the real title too. No, I don’t plan on doing much with it besides posting it here. Remember, the last words are also a link to the complete story.

Hope you enjoy.


I can’t say I hate him. Hate is too strong of a word. Hate is a nasty, whip-lashing, dark, death-wishing word. But loath would work. I loath him. Yes, it works quite well. Or I despise him. That works too. I find him repugnant, appalling, insulting, obnoxious, infuriating. I honestly wish that Samuel Brakborn lived anywhere else in the whole galaxy besides Sigma-082, not like I can do anything about that mind you.

It didn’t begin like that, you know. When I first met him right after I stepped off the transport ship, he seemed rather respectful. He stood straight in his navy blue uniform with bright silver buttons, tall, handsome, with dark flashing eyes and a boyish smile. He shook my hand and welcomed me to Sigma-082, said how thankful he was that I came, and that he hoped I enjoyed it here.

Bah! He knew the moment I stepped off that ship that I would not enjoy it….

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I'm an elementary education major at a college in the Midwest. I might graduate as early as December '13 but more likely May '14. I write when I can. I also knit on occasion, draw, do homework and contradict teachers to make people think. :)

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