building blocks for telepathy

In a book I plan to write in the near future, I plan to create one of the early forms of telepathy. So, however much I hate my physiology class, I’m learning some very valuable things from it that would apply to a well to any form telepathy and that I will share.

Since telepathy would be similar to a general sense, it is fair to say it would function as a special sense like our sense of hearing or vision would.  In order for that to happen, there are some basic structures of senses that are a part of every single sense.

First, we need a way to sense the actual stimulus. In my example, it will be the stimulus of another’s thoughts that are somehow detected.

Next, we need it to travel someway to a processing center.

We need a processing center.

And then if we were to have people to communicate telepathically, like I plan, we need a way to send the messages again.

NOw, I’m not a brain surgeon or anything here. I’m just taking a physiology course. But let’s just say for example that brain waves can actually be transmitted through air. A special sense in our brain would detect them and send the message via our nerves to a special processing area of our brain. Once in the special processing area, it decodes the message, say, your thoughts, and so that I can understand them like speech. Then, I send them back either the same basic way or a different way. If we are going to do it like speech, it would be a different location. Actually the speech center would probably have to be tied in just because.

Does this make any sense?

Now, I’ve read a few books that have telepathics in it and sometimes they can move things mentally. I’m not sure if this is a vital skill or not for my story. But after writing down this whole process, this second function would have to be something completely different.

This is also where I get stuck. Because I can logically understand the concept of our brain being able to have a special receiver that receives messages from other people’s heads. But how would something be moved without touching it?  Logically, I can’t even figure this out, excluding most science, because our brain merely exists like a giant, self forming computer. If I ever figure it out, I’ll tell you. Maybe i’ll just drop that part, but it removes some really awesome scenes from my story.


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I'm an elementary education major at a college in the Midwest. I might graduate as early as December '13 but more likely May '14. I write when I can. I also knit on occasion, draw, do homework and contradict teachers to make people think. :)

2 responses to “building blocks for telepathy”

  1. michaeleriksson says :

    No worry: There is no requirement that a telepath should also have mastered telekinesis. If you pull even a very rudimentary telepathy of in the next ten years (or so), you are a made man.

    Now, a complication: Should you go for something rudimentary, like e.g. mentally controlling a primitive device which in turn brings a resulting reaction with the recipient? (There are already computer prototypes that allow using the brain like an input device in a similar manner. Sorry, no links at hand.) Should you go for transporting the “internal monolog”? Should you transfer the true thoughts (of which the inner monolog is just a verbal repetition)?

    • Abigail says :

      About how it is actually done, I have two theories about what happens. One is that there is a certain shock stimulation activates the area of the brain that would actually be responsible for receiving and interpreting these signals. This has the advantage that I have heard brain surgery will always alter a person slightly. My other thought is roughly along the implantation device that would allow a person to receive the signals from other people and interpret it that way, which seems much more logical and realistic.

      What they would actually “hear” is what I would consider surface thoughts. So if you’re standing in line at the coffee shop and think that super thin person in front of you really doesn’t need to order a no-fat latte, then a person who has this would hear it. But deeper thoughts would be more difficult to sense. I also think that there would be a way to project the thoughts to another, like a more focused message. (Difference between a standard light and a laser pointer.) The idea behind that would be like when you’re falling asleep and you want to tell someone something but it takes too much effort to open your mouth and speak.

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