Question of the Week, 3/28

Last week I asked the question “How do you build a writing support circle?” And the answer came up to be something I suppose basic but still a good reminder considering that we live in a very technologically  diverse age.

Jublke Wrote:

I’ve found wonderful and supportive folks online -via Yahoo groups, Twitter, and on-line classes. Find blogs you like and comment on them. Some blogs have large community followings.

For support closer to home, check your local paper’s events section, browse the “about town” bulletin board in your neighborhood coffee shop, or visit your library and see if there are any writing-themed events planned.

Now, being still reasonably new to the blog world (I started late December),  I’m not sure how you find these blogs about writing. Any one that I find I find because they comment on mine. But I have thought about that possibility recently.

Another development that happened this week was I mentioned to an English teacher at my college that I’m trying to improve my craft but I’m finding it difficulty because I don’t have anyone to give me feedback. She said that we should really see about doing something about that next year, and I only have about an 800-person campus.

So my answer is: Ask people in the writing industry. Maybe you don’t know a writer, but you might know a teacher who would have ideas or recommendations.

So, moving on. Today’s question of the week is:

How do you go about editing a very bad scene?

We all get them. THat scene that we wrote at midnight, or that just seemed to fit until that character told you that little detail about themselves. How do you go about editing that scene?

Sorry it took me so long today. It’s been a really busy day and this is almost my first chance to write this up.

Edit (April 3rd): Please note that although these answers cannot be posted as a blog post, answers are still welcomed as references to people who might search. Thanks.

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