Question of the Week: April 4th

So, no one answered the question of the week last week, which is sad, I’ll admit, but there’s nothing I can do about that.

Last week’s question:

How do you go about editing a very bad scene?

I suppose I’ll just toss my two cents in. Basically, what I do is I edit it like any other scene, one paragraph at a time on the computer, then print it out and edit it on paper. Sometimes, oftentimes actually, I’ll have to rewrite whole parts of the scene.

I think however that some of the best advice I’ve read is that when all is said and done, sometimes what we think was bad, really isn’t that bad, and what we think is perfect, really isn’t that perfect. When we go back and read everything again, it all is just writing.

Today’s question of the week then is:

How Do You Plot a Story?

Now, I know that originally I said I started the Question of the week to get answers to things that I don’t know but since everyone is different, and different things work for different writers, this seemed appropriate enough.  After all, all stories come from somewhere.

Answers due by Saturday night. Thank you all. Also, feel free to submit your own questions as well.

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