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The English language is very often tricky and sometimes in ways that we don’t even notice. There are so many variations for spelling and to keep track of them all is a challenge in and of itself.   Here are a few very similar words, just to watch out for.

COLLEGE vs. COLLAGE: CollEge is a university, a place you go after highschool. CollAge is a form of art that involves pieces of things being stuck to a backing.

CALENDER vs. CALENDAR:  Yes, these are both correctly spelled. CalendEr is a machine  in which cloth or paper is pressed  by rollers to glaze or smooth it. CalendAr is the thing that hangs on the wall that tells you the dates.

Defiantly vs. Definitely: These don’t look that similar, but they are words to be wary of. Defiantly is an attitude of someone. Definitely means to be clearly stated. Not doubtful.

ForMAT vs. ForMATE: This would be something that you might look at and thing, “I ran spell check, so it has to be right, even if  it doesn’t look it.” Format is just how something is arranged or set out. FormatE is a salt or ester of formic acid.

BARROW vs BORROW: A barrow is a wheelbarrow, metal frame, two wheels, used for transporting things. Borrow is to take and use some something that belongs to someone else with the intent of returning it.

AD vs ADD: Ad is what you see on TV between each part of the show. ADD is 2 + 2 = 4

It’s vs. Its: It’s basically is “It is” and should be used as such. Its is a possessive  form of it. If in doubt, put in hers or his in place of its. If it doesn’t make sense, It’s not correct.

THAN vs. THEN: Than is a comparison word. I am taller than my brother. Then is a reference to time. Then I went to the mall and got caught up in the robbery.

hAllow vs. hOllow:  Hallow means honor as holy. Hollow means there’s nothing inside of it.

ContinUOUS vs. continUOS: Continuous is to form an unbroken or whole unit. Continuos is a plural of a  musical term.

PLURAL vs. PLEURAL: Plural is when you want to make make a noun having more than one. Pleural is the adjective form of a pleura, which is related to the lungs.

COMPLEMENT vs. COMPLIMENT: ComplEment is when two things go well together. LIke that necklace might complement the dress. Compliment is when I say nice things to you about you. Like, you look very pretty in that dress.

STATIONARY vs. STATIONERY: StationAry is to be standing still. StationEry is when you have pretty paper to write notes on.

THOROUGH vs. THROUGH: Thorough is when you do something without missing a detail. Through is to move in one side and out the other.

DeSSert vs. DeSert: DeSSert is the yummy tasting thing at the end of the meal. DeSert is a sandy, hot, wasteland. Not yummy.

LightENing vs. LightNing: LIghtENing is a form of lighten and is to make something lighter. LightNing is the thing that happens during the thunderstorm.

MucOUS vs MucUS: MucOUS is an adjective. MucUS is a noun. They mean they same thing; they’re just different parts of speech.

There are also many other words that are plus or minus a letter. I’m trying to do the  ones that aren’t obvious.

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