when life gets in the way

So, I haven’t posted for two days. I know that. And instead of letting everyone sit there hanging for the next post, I think it is fairer  to say that I will not be posting until Sunday. I’m very sorry about this but I am swamped with finals, which will all be over on Friday. So I’m going to take a week off, again, and then get back to it next week when this quiet down.

But, I do have a question for you. What topics related to writing would you like to see me blog about? Pop out most anything as I’ll consider most anything.

Also, my challenge since you don’t have anything to read.  I’m going to write something spontaneous and I challenge you to write five pages off of  what I wrote. Technically, I would advise that you don’t think about it, but that is up to you.

Here we go:

Sky squealed as a gust of wind flopped off her hood once again, but pulled it back on to ward off the rain. The drizzling, misting mess was exactly as she imagined it to be. The wind was more than she imaagined. But she couldn’t necessarily say that she liked either of them as much as they always surprised her.

With a furtive glance, she pulled out the key and slipped inside.

Enjoy, have fun, and see you on Sunday.

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About Abigail

I'm an elementary education major at a college in the Midwest. I might graduate as early as December '13 but more likely May '14. I write when I can. I also knit on occasion, draw, do homework and contradict teachers to make people think. :)

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