concerning Shad

Here’s my problem. I’ve been reading my novel, Shad, in order to do some of the finer editing on it. If you don’t recall, I wanted to finish editing Shad by May, with hopes that I could write the summery for the publishing company during May, and send it on in June. (I need to send out something.)

So, I’ve been reading Shad and the problem I’m having is that it’s not as awesome as I thought. I love it. I love the universe I created. I love a lot of the different aspects of it. But there are some parts that just seem to be lacking. The dialog in particular.

I always thought that I had good dialog. I don’t know why. I just thought that it was. It just seemed to flow well enough and I took special details to make sure that it sounded good and that each character seemed to have it’s own unique voice.  Now, it just falls flat.

Worse, I have some sentences that just seem wrong. It just doesn’t seem to flow or seems chunky.

So I don’t know what to think of Shad anymore. It is disappointing, but then again, I wrote Shad almost two years ago. So it makes sense that I would get better or that I would have things not quite the same. Moreover, this is really my first novel, so there are bound to be problems.

I’m still going to do it, obviously, because I said that I would. But I’m once again behind, because I didn’t finish Shad in time.

On the same note as goals, as far as Time of the Dragon Slayers go, the English teacher that was looking over my story so far thought it was good. But finals came so she didn’t get too far. How sad.

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