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If you happen to browse through the recently pressed posts on wordpress, you would hvae seen today’s post.  However, if you didn’t, or didn’t find the title interesting, then I have to recommend this post.

I share this also because I have shared how Star Trek began my writing career. Because of that, and because Star Trek is really awesome as it is, especially the new movie with JJ Abrams, I am automatically attracted to anything with Star Trek.

World-building is something a writer must employ to assist or accentuate the core conflict. Our goal as writers must be to get a reader to relate and connect. People connect with people, not worlds.

I think those two lines are the most important of the whole entire post. To be honest, I love world building. I love coming up with how the world changes and the what if’s of writing. However, as a science fiction writing, I need to remember that the story needs to focus more on the people, with the background as an extra bonus.

It’s like a song. Having a good story with good characters is like having an awesome catchy beat to your music. For a long of people I’m finding, the words of a song don’t matter, so long as the beat is good. But, if you can draw in some beautiful, moving words that match the music, then you have something that people love.

Anyway, here is the whole post. And just like her, I recommend the newest Star Trek and wait eagerly for the next one.

What Star Trek can Teach Us About Writing.

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