To create a world

Do you make helps for your stories? (i.e., portraits of characters, maps, glossaries, character indexes, family trees, &c.)

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About Abigail

I'm an elementary education major at a college in the Midwest. I might graduate as early as December '13 but more likely May '14. I write when I can. I also knit on occasion, draw, do homework and contradict teachers to make people think. :)

One response to “To create a world”

  1. Abigail says :

    In response to my own question, not often. If I’m really stuck, I’ll draw a picture of the characters, and oftentimes I’ll draw pictures after I draw the story, and as such, it helps me edit it.

    So far as glossaries go, I generally have one at the bottom of my document that I write as I go. Sometimes, they can get rather long, but it’s good for me because I forgot a lot of names. :)

    Anything else, hardly at all. Someday, maybe.

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