Ten songs by which to plot

For many people, music and writing go together. I am not one of those, for reasons along the lines of I can’t listen to music with most headphones, so I never learned to write like that. However, some songs are very good for plotting, and these following songs are some of my favorites.

Note, I call these plotting songs, as they seem to have a story that just eludes the mind, and goes along with many characters and yet none of them. This is not my recommended writing playlist

Also, I’m trying to include songs without a video, so as not to influence your view of the song.

1)  This is your life by  Switchfoot

2) Boulevard of Broken Dreams by Greenday

3) Wake Me Up Inside by Evanescence

4) Sometimes by Skillet

5) Like a Lion by Reliant K (And no, I do not mean for this to be a Christmas song.)

6) Prodigal by Casting Crowns

7) My Last Breath by Evanescence

8) Dare you to Move by Switchfoot

9) Monster by Skillet

10) Let my Love Open the door by numerous people. I am familiar with the Audio Adrenaline version, but when trying to find a video, I found that Pete Townshend actually wrote it first. (Trust me, music is not my forte.) I can’t find any decent video for Audio Adrenaline so I’ll give both a Sondre Lerche version, which is pretty decent, and a Pete Townshend version. It’s your choice which to listen to.

Audio Adrenaline: which I apparently can’t put into the video either. :P

Pete Townshend:


Bonus Song! For all us writers out there.

Bonus: Paperback Writer by the Beatles

This is not a plotting song. It’s just a awesome song about writing. I hadn’t listened much to the Beatles until my dad began playing the Rock Hero version of it. Then I just almost laughed when I heard this song.

So, what are your favorite plotting songs? I’m always in the market for a few good ones.

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