World-building – an obvious google search

I don’t know how I have never found this before. I’ve been on the SFWA website before. (It’s actually pretty cool there.) I’ve even posted articles from there.

However, I found this for the first time.

It’s a world building questionnaire.

And it is totally awesome. It has everything, from how big is a town, and how did humans get to the world.

If you write sci-fi or fantasy, I would seriously check it out.

I would also check out this persons rants about what makes bad world building and the following comments. The interesting thoughts there that I saw are:

1) Rulers usually throw money at people who can heal people and people who can destroy people. So why don’t healers (magical of course) get more money?

2) If the magical people have magical power and can throw fireballs at whoever, why isn’t a magical person king?

Oh, and if you were wondering, my google search was world building questionnaire. Don’t know why I didn’t think of it before.

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3 responses to “World-building – an obvious google search”

  1. IntrovertedAnalyst says :

    These look really useful! I feel like I’m going to need them for finishing up my NaNo novel…

  2. J. R. Whitener says :

    Great starting questions. I’ve found that for the purposes of world building I tend to draw from real life systems of economics, ecology, and sociology.

    That’s a bit broad ranging, but for instance, if you were create a system of magic that could be quantified and harvested than a world of possibilites that matter open up.

    The magic juice would become quite possibly the most important commodity for trade. Empires, social constructs, even religions could be built around it.

    What if it was expensive and the only available to the wealthy much like spices in the 1500’s. A luxury that merchants sent four ships out to retrieve knowing that if only one returned they’d still profit. What if your protaganist is an expendable learning this reality, so to speak, from the deck of ship?

    Or if it has a social stigma like opiates? You could do magic anytime you could afford some, but the cost was social standing and possibly punitive enforcement from the local authorities who regulate it.

    What if it’s required and common like electricity? So much so that cities shutdown and martial law is enacted out of desperation when the supply is interrupted. People have come to rely on for simple daily tasks that they are helpless and vulnerable without it.

    • Abigail says :

      I love your idea! I probably do that too, just not consciously, so it’s great seeing the process actually in words. (And all your options will have a different story with them.)

      I don’t actually use magic often. The closest I get to it is telepathy of some genre.

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