About Me


For me, writing is a hobby. I write in part because there are so many stories in my head that need to be told. Although I enjoy my stories, I want to be able to share my stories with other people. That and that I have so many conflicting thoughts that I want to have a chance to share is why I started this blog.

Although I would say that much of my life is dull, I have not had a normal life. I was homeschooled until college, which is probably the best thing that happened to me because it let me try a lot of things school wouldn’t have let me try. Moreover,  although only in my early twenties, I’ve already moved the average seven times that Americans move in their life. These seven moves have occurred across five different states, from California to South Dakota. I’ve also traveled across much of the country, so I’ve seen rather stark differences in even America alone.

Besides being a writer, I am a nursing student in my second semester. Although I planned originally on just getting an associates degree, I found myself loving school so much and loving what I’m doing that I am probably going to get a bachelors. Thanks to a year at a technical school, I can probably do that in three years. This, unfortunately, seriously impacts my writing time.

Currently, I live with my parents, my three siblings, our three dogs, my hamster, and maybe a few other pets around the area, and I plan to continue living with them until I graduate. My other hobbies include knitting, drawing, photography, and learning.

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