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Three stories, five books and not enough time

I realized today that I have actually started three separate books. I’m stunned. And worse, I don’t know what to write.

  • Mermaids: This story revolves around a political turmoil in a mermaid world. Nessa is the youngest daughter of the king but wants to be queen. Under their government, she can be elected as queen.  However, it is only through the Adamahs, humans who have been changed to mermaids, that she can do this.  In this I have the election, and the result afterwards, and it’s really awesome. :)
  • Intentional Accidents: This story revolves around two characters, a pirate and an assassin. They’re stories  interweaves into smiliar threads and storylines but I only know about the pirate. She is feeling lonely, hurt and wants off the pirate ship but doesn’t see a way to get off. A police man unknowingly gets on the pirate ship and encourages her to find her own way. The assassin is also tired of her life, wants out, but doesn’t know how to leave. I haven’t dealt with the assassin much, focusing on developing the pirate story, then the assassin, then merging them at the end.
  • Mindskill: In mindskill, a doctor develops telepathy as an implant. He implanted his daughter without her knowledge, understanding that soon it would be a necessary skill to survive. He dies though before he can tell her, in an “accident” and she must discover the truth for herself, along with a plot to take over the world and a plan to keep those with this skill safe. This was going to be my shot at writing a trilogy (Which is a huge task, let me tell you.)

I’ve written 36 words of Intentional Accidents (9,455 words), 93 pages of mindskill (25,000) and 61 pages (16,000 words) of mermaids.

Here’s the problem: I like them all. I stopped mindskill because I needed to develop it more. I stopped Intentional Accidents because I needed to skim and I didn’t know how to. (I’m playing around writing the ending scene to that.) And I’m currently writing mermaids (which may not end up being mermaids, which makes me sad, but that is fact.)

I have every intention of finishing all of these. All of them are probably good. But how? I’m mean, seriously, I probably have enough to write about for three years (at least), not to mention that I  need to write synopses to send these books out, and I want to write Sagi’s tragedy (short story), and I’d really like to write one of the stories my friend and I write out (novel), and I’d like to edit Hope (or at least make a logical decision whether to toss it), and edit Giant’s Wife and–

*stops for breath*

I just have too many ideas I think. How do I choose?


assassins and hitmen

So, for my hopefully next novel, I have a character who is an assassin/hitman. Basically, you pay her and she’ll kill someone for you.  Problem is that I’m a white, middle class, average American who has never gotten in trouble, let alone been in jail. (No, never. That’s not a boast. Just–don’t talk to those two cars I’ve annoyed these past two days. I’ve been a bad driver. :) ) So the problem that I”m having is how do I figure out how to get inside the mind of such a person enough to write about them. (She’s the main character; did I say that?)

So, I’ve been trying to do some research and I’ve been getting very little. I have gotten a few things and, because I kinda like when everything is together, I’ll explain what I have.

Supposedly, this book, HIt Man, is “a technical manual” to help with the killing. They have been sued in the past for giving someone the ability to kill  a person and you can read all about it in the book. That book is free and online.

Another two books that are suppose to be good are The Anatomy of a Motive and How to Kill. i don’t think that “How to Kill” will work with what I want since it appears to deal more with case studies of past murders and attempted murders, but I have high hopes for “Anatomy of a Motive” if I can ever get it out of  the library.

Lastly,  I found an interview with a hitman that gave me some ideas about how to look at it. But I forgot what at the moment. :)

Interestingly, my brother, who is rather a gun nerd so I figured he would be a good person to ask, recommended some movies to watch to get the idea. Normally, I’d dismiss fiction, but since, as he explained it, there is so little out there concerning assassins and the like, it might not be a bad way to go.

So anyway, that’s what I learned about assassin and hitmen thus far.

when drawing opens doors

I haven’t had any plots in forever. Nothing good. I blame school, because in  all honest, school sucks my plotting skills dry. So even though I want to write and plot and all, I have nothing and therefore, nothing gets written.

So, slightly off topic, I’ve been thinking about how to make a knitted mermaid today. And because it seemed like fun, I decided to draw a mermaid. Picture came out awesome, except that everyone thinks she is in the net when she is really rescuing the fish from the net.

And for some reason, this is opening up all sorts of plots. She told me so much of her culture.  Things like, the reason why no human has ever seen a mermaid, not really, is because they wipe the memory of anyone who sees them. And they would be mammals, which is kinda a duh, but isn’t. And they have these elite group that frees fish, because obviously they would have domestic fish just like we have domestic animals. Maybe something with them doing genetic splicing to allow people who humans thought drowned to live as merpeople under the water, so they still live, but they’re second-class citizens to the real merpeople. And all sorts of things.

Problem is, this sounds like a really awesome world to play around in, but I don’t want to write a mermaid story. I want to write my assassin story.   I want my assassin to talk to me.

So maybe, like my sister’s been pestering me to do, I should draw her picture. But I don’t have anything to draw for her because I know nothing about her. Absolutely nothing, except that her brother is about nine years older than her, her parents died when she was 10, and she’s lived on a pirate ship ever since. But maybe then, she’ll talk to me.