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What to do with garbage?

Humans will always make garbage. Any species will make garbage technically. So why does this matter? Well, because sometimes what we do with the garbage may be worth note, especially in our end-times story.

Antarctica's cold wasteland--with little bacteria

Or an ice planet story. Here’s something interesting. The people at the research bases in Antarctica are having problems with garbage. Reason being is that bacteria decompose garbage and most bacteria can’t work at those low of temperatures. Some special bacteria can, but the general bacteria that break down garbage can’t.

A garbage dump where the bacteria aren't happy.

Sometimes, however, we can speed up garbage breakdown. A scientist in Georgia was doing research to encourage the breakdown of garbage by providing the bacteria with extra oxygen and water. He actually resulted in speeding up the decomposition of garbage in Georgia to the point that it didn’t smell, and it could barely be recognized, all because he gave the bacteria what they wanted.

So, I was  going t mention something about a methane generators for human waste, but I have nothing beyond that little line, so if you want more information, you need to look that up.