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Global flooding.

We always talk about how the cities will be wiped out in global warming. What about how the tall ships will pass under bridges?

Ship barely passes under a bridge because of weather conditions and swells.

idea to story

I have some ideas. A lot of ideas. Ideas that are rather strange or maybe even questionable like, “How can you think that?” kind of questionable. I figure these things out through writing sometimes. Sometimes, I comment on them through writing. (In all honesty, Dragon Slayers was based on my thoughts.)

The question is, however, how do I get from the possible situation (say, daycares severely increases the risks of autism) and make it a setting with an interesting story behind it?

I’ve figured it out thus far on a plot by plot basis but I’m thinking there has to be a formula or something to figure out how to make the story consistent.

Examples thus far: Dragon Slayers is a commentary about the stupidity of endangered species. (I honestly can’t wait until someone else can read that, just in case I’m off with how the story goes.)  But I set it up to focus on one girl’s family, and  how they react to it,

I have another story with the commentary on universal healthcare. (if I ever write it, I don’t expect it to be as bad as I portray it right away. It’ll take a long time.) I see universal healthcare as a possibility for the government to decide not only who is important and who is not but who is worth saving and who is not. Basically, in my story, the government flags some teenager as a public threat because her uncle was involved in some protests as a college student.  Because of this family connection, she ends up dying of type 1 diabetes. I end up showing this through a series of flashbacks during the funeral.

But I have so many other ideas that are just speculations about how the wold might be if, (in all honesty) the liberals took over. Things like what happens if daycares actually cause autism. What happens if we ban cars due to global warming? What happens if we reorganized education so that parents can choose if education is important or not, and the child is provided with an education based off how much the parents care?  Just thinking about it now, what happens if we allow guns practically everywhere with ease?  How far will the government go before people decide they need to have a revolution?  What happens if it is decided to go totally green on the common person?

I have so many of these speculations and I don’t know what to do with them. I’d like to write about them, just short stories that allow people to wonder just like I do. But just because I have the speculations doesn’t mean that I have a clue about how to implement  the speculations into writing a story.

I suppose it doesn’t matter right now, because I have so many other stories to write. I actually want to write my arranged marriage story (that I’ve had to totally block out of my head because of school.) And I could write about the healthcare story. And I desperately want to edit Shad and Dragon Slayers over the next two weeks.

So, I suppose I have more than enough before I have to figure out this all-important question.  I just wish  I knew how to write better oftentimes.

(By the way, it’s good to be back.)

why stupid science is fun

I was glancing at the news today when I saw a headline proclaiming “Ben Bova: Global warming on earth; politics in space”” so I figured, why not read it? Ben Bove I think might be pretty smart  if I recall, he has a really big degree in something scientific. It’ll be interesting. So I read the article.

Basically, to summarize, the first part about it was that Earth appears to be moving towards a steadily warmer earth, and that we may or may not have human intervention to blame. The second part was more interesting, because of the political aspect of it how NASA is working right now and has in the past.

But what does global warming have to do with stupid science?  Because global warming is a joke. First of all, how can scientists who can’t predict when we are going to have snow in the next two weeks (or for that matter, that we are going to have a cold and icky winter.) accurately, predict how the weather pattern is going to be for the next century?  Based on this winter, I’d trust Farmer’s Almanac for that.

Secondly, a company in England was found with messages saying that they created teh whole entire thing up.  Why? My honest guess would be money. Think about everything that is sold as green and advertise as green and done in the name of being green and saving the planet. True, some of that things are actually good but a lot of it is just annoying.

Oh, and that whole entire thing about saying that we have to have a global cooling before we have a global warming, don’t people see that makes them right either way and is utterly stupid? If they aren’t confident in what they are doing, then maybe they should make up their mind.

We’ll come back to why that’s fun later.

Next scientific fact that is fun: evolution.  Yes, I believe in a literal seven-day creation, but besides that, there is a lot of evidence that is questionable about evolution, not to mention that it is sense totally farfetched. (Not micro evolution, where there is slight variations  within a species. But the macro, where dogs became cats.)  Moreover, we have several other theories about how everything came to be. So nothing says that, even if creation isn’t true, that evolution will be around in 300 years with all of the problems that it has.

When I started this, I honestly had another theory but it just totally escaped my mind. (I’ll talk about aliens later.)

So why is this so much fun? Because it gives you total freedom. I can write a science fiction book about what happens when global warming becomes real and takes over the whole entire planet and my little home in South Dakota has tropical weather and ocean front property. The next book I can have people make jokes about global warming and how stupid it is.

It’s also fun you realize how stupid people can be. In Shad, sweepers are people who collect garbage that people jettisoned into space because of garbage issues on the planet. Only later, they realize that they are littering in space, and that is bad, so they have to clean it up. It’s stupid to spend all that money when none of the garbage is doing much damage, yes, but it makes sense at the same time.

On evolution, I wrote a story where the character, Ka’yam, is making an argument against the war they’ve been fighting for the last five years. Slight bit of background, Ka’yam’s people took over earth because they believe that they are the descendants of their people and now inferior due to DNA modifications and should be enslaved. Anyway, she’s making the argument and she says that evolution was discarded hundred of years ago DUE TO LACK OF EVIDENCE. She doesn’t say what took its place. But it’s there as a jab against the people who think that is how it happened.

So basically, yes, there are basic principles of science that have to be obeyed when writhing science fiction but there is a lot when you take the stupid theories of people and extrapolate them. Because, in all honestly, who knows much of anything even now?

Oh, random thought about evolution why I’m at it. If you believe in evolution, you have to be against abortion. Why? Because some of those who are aborted are aborted because the amniocentesis said the child is not “right”. But in evolution, it would be the abnormal individuals  who would evolve and the normal ones who would end up dying out.