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emergency situations in writing

Being in nursing school, I find myself taking on  different types of scenarios as I learn. Most recently, I decided to write an emergency medical situations. No, I do not think of myself as qualified to do anything in that situations, but I am slowly gaining a clue of, if not what is going on, then how to find out what is going on. ONce you know how to find out what to do, well, then, you’re half way to writing it.

In my current story, I put four doctors in a room together and let them panic about everything. However, in order for something to work out with the story, I needed one of them unconscious. The only way to get one of them unconscious was an accident which involved that emergency situation.

Through research, logical deduction and TV, I figured out rather quickly that breathing is a very important function and one that doctors try to attend to almost immediate.

So when my patient is having problems breathing, along with everything else, chances are they might have to intubate him.

Because of that, I found this awesome little video about the procedure. Now, it probably isn’t the best description to help describe what the doctor is doing, but I think it does well enough to give me a clue that I don’t just write a sentence. “She intubated him.” (Lame!)  Video is in the link. You need quicktime however if you don’t have it.