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giant’s wife, 1/07

I suppose that these two sections (yes, there are really two) are probably not the best thing ti put in. I wanted to summarize things quickly because, although we are always told to show, not tell, there wasn’t much to show. People liked her, everything is fine, ect. I also didn’t know how to show growing tension between countries. But, I do think they are necessary parts, even if they probably should be rewritten.


Life fell into a normal routine rather quickly and the month off slowly faded into the background. Alternating between scirmishes, moving and setting up, they had very little time left for much more.

With the knowledge that Jacey spoke Targo, the men loved her even more. She became likened to a sister. Although they sometimes asked her to do favors for them, like mending patches that they do themselves, they returned the favor with presents. It was her that they looked for when they came back and it was her they prefered when they were injured after the battle….


giant’s wife, cont. 1/01

This begins the sections of why I swore off love stories for a long time.


Jacey rolled over for the thousandth time that night and finally opened her eyes. The fire from the fireplace danced across the ceiling with a warm glow.  Just when she thought she might have gotten asleep, something woke her. Again. At this rate she would never be able to sleep….

giant’s wife, 12/25

The day’s ride towards General Putwet’s camp seemed very much to be the calm before the storm. Most of them generally ignored her and she found herself riding alone. Commander Borut favored either riding alone or to discuss millitary buisness with his officers while he rode. And though she occasionally saw Adela, the womaan regarded her now with hostility and resentment so approuching her would be impossible….

giant’s wife, 12/23

I’m posting sections three, four and five today, just because I can and I want to. Call it celebration of the blizzard coming this week in the midwest.


“Why aren’t you worried, Jacey?”

Jacey turned from the tent’s entrance and smiled at Adela. She still wore the mask of worry that she put on ever since Jacey almost left with her baby.

Jacey smiled faintly. “I don’t think there is anything to worry about yet.”

“Why is that?”

She shrugged. “Heddwyn Borut was not known to be ruthless five years ago. Just quick and effective and brilliant.” Jacey smiled slightly. Her father had often scolded her for listening too much to the Targoian war stories instead of serving customers. But Jacey loved the stories and loved to secretly pretending with her friends what it would be like to be courted by a Targoian officer. Aldroa rarely went to war, however, and many of them acknowledged that the Targoians were too tall for them. At least, too tall for everyone except maybe Jacey….

giant’s wife, 12/22

Commander Heddwyn Borut glanced towards the prisoner pin. Tall wooden poles stood laced together in such a way that the women behind the bars could not escape. Only women waited here though. Any man who fought them was killed, any too young considered a boy, and any too old left behind. The old women as well. They only wanted to capture those worth the effort….

As a note,  all back sections are posted in that side bare. I didn’t want to litter the pages with large sections, so that made the most sense to me.