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After finishing Giant’s Wife, I said that I swore off love stories until I’m at least engaged. Why? To summarize, because I haven’t even dated yet, so I don’t know how to exactly write about it.

This morning I came up with a brilliant plot  though.

Guy, we’ll say a lord, gets maimed in an accident. Very badly maimed where his whole side is at best useless. He lost part of his arm and can barely walk. But he doesn’t want anyone to know because he’s slightly ashamed and he used to be really athletic and now he’s lucky if he can make it from his room to his office. He’s getting better but it’s slow. This is a recent accident though

Girl was married earlier to him by proxy, had been postponed in coming to him for some unexplained reason on his part, and then finally arrives. That’s all I know. They get married shortly afterwards.

They get married.

But guy acts weird. Things like, he doesn’t ever rise or walk much in her presence. He always has a cane with him, which could be an ornament but it’s still weird for normal, everyday life. He also doesn’t show his hand/arm much (because he wears a prothesis) or uses it.  He also keeps to himself and never once sleeps with her.

Now, I don’t know where this would go much. My obvious solution would be that the girl starts to love the guy and then finds out and then is like, “Oh well,” but that’s so cliché.

The next idea was something along the lines of a servant of some kind who has been helping him recover for the last six months has basically fallen in love with him. He wouldn’t notice because he’s a nice, strong, lord, she’s just a common, and they are technically already married.

Then, the girl finds out, declares that she didn’t bargain to marry a maimed husband and wants out and he, because he’s feel all miserable, agrees and lets her go back.  At some point in time, the servant girl comes out that she loves him and he finds out that he loves her and–tada!–everything’s happy.

The only problem is I can’t write it because I refuse to write a love story like this. I would like to pursue this idea more or less and see where it goes, because it sounds interesting. (It actually sounds like something that my friend and I would roleplay if we still did.) It would be a blast. But I can’t because I am not going to write a love story.

Why does love have to be such a difficult topic anyway?

Maybe I’ll try to convince my friend to roleplay this summer.

On a different note, I’m trying to think of short stories to write for the characters in mindskill (besides Isaiah) because then I would get to know the characters better and I like that idea.

love stories–ick!

I swore off love stories. Not reading them, because to swear them off I suppose I have to read one first. But I swore off writing them.

This happened a long time ago when I discovered how much I failed at setting up two characters to fall in love in Hope. It didn’t work, not well enough to be convincing. So when I wrote Shad, I determined that I would never have two characters get close enough to be engaged. I might elude to the fact, but I could not write a decent story with the characters actually in love.

Why not? Well, I suppose it goes back to the fact that not only have I never been close to being in love, I’ve never been on a date. I’ve never even be asked on a date. I don’t know how romance works, (excluding those annoying people who constantly post on facebook about how they love [girlfriend/boyfriend] and how they can’t live without [girlfriend/boyfriend], or how they are so mad at [girlfriend/boyfriend].)

Now, I might be able to get enough of an idea about a good many topics with a combination of reading, watching TV, and imagining. But I don’t even want to risk imagining what it would be like to fall in love.

I broke that with Giant’s Wife. I just wrote Giant’s Wife off of a dream and never really expected much of anything to come out of it. After editing it, I realized that I had to, most certainly, swear off love stories forever, or, at least until I’m married. I just don’t know anything.

In a way, it’s hard, because I role played with a friend for five years and oftentimes, we did create love stories. Some of our favorite stories together involved setting up the most unlikely people. (I actually think Giant’s Wife would have been an awesome one for us to role play together.) So even now, I think occasionally that, “Maybe so-and-so should like so-and-so.” and I stop myself really quick because I will not go that far.

I broke that rule today. I just wrote something random and spontaneous just because I wanted to. It’s only about five pages. But I suppose eventually, we have to break our own rules. I just won’t do it for something larger.