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manual harvesting

Although I have lived for a long time in a farming community, I don’t know that much about farming. Sure, I know that the beans have to be harvest before the corn, because the snow will cover the beans but you can still get to the corn. And I know that the corn is suppose to be so high by July 4th and such. But the technicalities of it, I honestly don’t know.

Moreover, I don’t know anything about manual harvesting. If I wanted to learn about farming toady, I could probably go talk to a few people at church and know quite a bit. But everyone now uses machines so they can’t really tell me much about how you would do it, say, 600 years ago or longer.

In Dragon Slayers, I needed to know, because I decided to set the time around fall harvest. Not a lot but enough to have a clue. So I did a quick google search and I found  a few okay websites for a quick summery.

My first website gives a general overview of the history of harvesting. This might work well if you are trying to find the exact era you want to place your farmer,

This next website gives a general idea of what it is suppose to look like, and takes you through the steps. I like the pictures the best here, although he does give you some ideas about what they do nowadays too.

This is a more technical approach to grain harvesting and looks at rice, maize and something else, both mechanically and manually.