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Time of the Dragon Slayers (part 8)

The last one. Remember, the story is on the side bare there.


Between the small fire and Justin’s cloak, the cold stayed away as best it could that damp night. Justin knew how to make the small cave her family always used as a refuge against the dragons cheery and provided warm food for them both. But not before they set up a small stone for Colton in the little birch grove where the rest of her family rested. Although she hated the fact, that was all they could do. There was nothing to bury.

Justin lowered himself next to her after tossing on another log. He stuffed his pipe meticulously and inhaled deeply before he looked at her.

“Are you ready to hear my plan?”

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Time of the Dragon Slayers (part 7)

The (so far) complete verson of “Time of the Dragon Slayers” is there on one of my pages, if you haven’t read the beginning.


For some reason, Natlie expected when she came back to the farm Colton would be there, looking tall and solemn across the land. She’d touch his shoulder gently and he’d look at her with a sad expression. “We’ll rebuild,” he’d say. “We’ll rebuild it all, just like it’s always was.”

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Time of the Dragon Slayers (part 6)

The weather only become warmer, with many rumors of this being the hottest autumn ever felt before. Colton wiped his brow and took the water gratefully when she offered it. Threshing was hard enough on cool autumn days that doing it in near summer-like conditions zapped his strength.

He gulped it empty before handing it back. “Thanks.”

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Time of the Dragon Slayers (part 5)

This one is for today and tomorrow. Sorry. School calls.


The storm was followed by a period of dry weather, much to all of the farmers’ satisfaction since it neared harvest time. Harvest came and with it, the tiring routine for Justin and Colton began as well. They rose in the morning early, did the chores, ate breakfast, and then disappeared into the fields until sunset. Once dark,  they finally trudged home to collapse around the dinner table. At first, Colton jested Justin often about how he handled a sickle like he never had done it before in his life. Justin just brushed it off but Natlie guessed, based on how much he did not protest, that Colton was correct. Not that it mattered much. No farmer would argue against help, no matter where it came from. Soon, sheathes of grain stood in all the fields surrounding them for miles and Natlie began her daily checks to see if they were dry enough for threshing.

Although the men had many things to do, Natlie had very little besides her normal chores. As such, she found herself missing the town even more. Harvest always dragged Colton away from the house for long periods of time. Before she had escaped from the desolate house by going to town. The town always was a place of excitement and people. There, she could always find someone to talk with there. Sometimes, she caught herself staring across the fields at the buildings and wondering how long Colton would persist in his stubbornness that she could not go.

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Time of the Dragon Slayers (part 4)

Colton winced as Natlie touched his face again with the warm cloth and pushed her hand away. “I’m sure it’s fine.”

She gave him a hard look. “It still looks bad.”

He glanced at the small mirror she brought out and shrugged. “That’s just how it’s going to be for a few weeks I think. Until it heals.” He stood and glanced towards the door. “I suppose I need to do the chores now.”

“I can do them if you want.”

He shook his head. “No, thanks. I’ll be fine.” He shuffled out of the house.

Natlie glances at Justin. “He isn’t acting right.”

“Most men don’t when they just had to fight for something that should that they always thought to be as consistent as the sun rising,” Justin said from in front of the fire.

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Time of the Dragon Slayers (part 3)

Natlie laid her head against the rock, watching the sun slip behind the mountains amid a sky of fire. Although Colton said that she could go on home, she liked being in town more than home alone. Besides, it gave her more time to visit with Lita, although with it being dinnertime, Lita had too much to do.

“If I didn’t know better, I’d say you were a dragon yourself,” Justin said.

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Time of the Dragon Slayers (Part 2)

The first part of the story is available in either a previous post or on the side bar as a page, and that will continue to be updated as parts are posted.


“They can call me whatever they want. I do not think it is  a wise move to even pretend to protect the dragons,” Justin said.

Colton glanced towards the back of the wagon where Justin sat. “I agree completely.” The horse drew his attention back to the road. “We actually look normal around here, but we worked hard to make it so. The last thing we need is another dragon coming down from the mountains, spraying its fire breath on a few crops and eating our livestock. If anything, I am more patriotic for wanting the dragons to be gone for good than for wanting them saved. It brings in more money all around.”

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giant’s wife formatting

I was going to try to make all of the little subpages invisible, so that way it is easier to skim my pages. However, that rather did not work unfortunately. If anyone does know how to make pages invisible without making them private, I would very much like to know.

I was, however, able to make one improvement. All pages now have a little “next” link on the bottom of the page, so there isn’t any mixing up the next one in the story. So if someone wanted to, they could just follow the whole story by clicking next each time. So, enjoy.

a new story

So, tell me this. I wrote Giant’s Wife last semester and I posted it here each day for about a month actually. (I didn’t expect it to last that long.) Now, it’s over and I’m trying to decide if I want to actually post something else, or if I just want to leave it be.

On one hand, I’d like to have something to post every day. On the other hand, I only really have Shad and Shad, first of all, would take several months to post.  And I did plan on posting Shad when I first started this blog. Shad gives a lot better picture of what I can write and I’d like to be able to have some people read it. But in all honestly, I don’t really think that much of anyone read the whole Giant’s Wife.

So probably, except for the shorter stories I’m writing now, I’ll probably not post that. (Unless, of course, wordpress is misrepresenting my stats and I have a whole lot more people reading this than I except and you all say that you want to read it. But I highly doubt that will happen.)

giant’s wife, 1/17

I was suppose to schedule this to post earlier and I forgot. Oh well. HEre is the final entry in Giant’s Wife.


Heddwyn pressed himself against the shed’s wall and closed his eyes. Beyond the wall was his town. He heard the screams of terror and the people begging, people who he recognized just by the sound of their voice, and then the begs cut short. He smelled the burnt flesh and hair and the smell of sweat. He heard the soldiers shouting, though he did not know what they said.  Still, he knew they enjoyed the slaughter…..