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giant’s wife, 1/15

I actually forgot to post this today, until I looked at my stats. This scene is also why I am not ever having a pregnant character again until I do my OB rotation next semester.


The contractions stopped late in the afternoon and for a few, brief hours, it seemed as if the baby decided to wait. The doctor, however, confined her to bed, since it was too early for her to be having it….


giant’s wife, 11/14

Only fate could have caused Heddwyn to intercept the spy’s report when he did. Not only was it any spy’s report, but from a man who trusted that Heddwyn knew what he was doing. After reading it, he had to change his plans and he moved towards immediate attacking of Kartigon. Although he regretted that he did not have Major Pauldor to bring up the flank, he could not wait….


short stories

I recently updated a bunch of pages on the side bar to your right, but never mentioned anything about them. Giant’s Wife is all stored there, along with many of my other more recent short stories. I suppose most of this will just be a directory but it’ll also have summaries of the stories if you would care to read them.

We’ll start with the top. Obviously, about the writer is a little bit of background information about me, Abigail. Has a picture too if you’re curious. :)

Darkness Swallows was originally called Kontyo for those who have read back entries. As the eldest son of the minister of interplanetary affairs, Kontyo never saw much of a need to behave. He knew that he would inherit his father’s title and continue living in luxury all of his life. That changes when an accident happens and he decides to leave for the sweeper ships instead of facing at least a year in prison, only to discover that some mistakes can’t just be undone.

Flashes of Imagination: At fourteen years old, with only writing for six months, my brother brings me a poster for a writing contest at the library. Everyone urges me to enter, only, why would I want to show the part of myself to someone? This is a true story based off of, obviously, the first time I entered a writing contest in 2003 or so.

Pay the Writer: Not a story. I’m just asking for you to sign up to a place to help me earn amazon giftcards if you really like my writing.

The Giant’s Wife: I will just refer you to the front page. I have the summery posted there. That story is significantly longer than many of the other ones, which is why there is five parts to it. I’ve been posting one a day since December 17th and I’ll be done by Sunday I think. After that, I’ll be adding the index differently so the story will collapse.

Turning Crow Calls into Beauty: Lowri hates being the daughter of a rich merchant, she hates growing up and she hates having to learn to be a lady. But more than anything, she hates that stupid, ugly harp that her mother is convinced she can play and would rather do anything except practice.

What to Write: How does one find that magical inspiration that makes someone want to write? Who knows. Sometimes, it just happens.

That’s everything for now. Make sure you look in the side bar ever so often for more stories, because I will be adding them. I don’t think I’ll be adding Shad right now, if at all, although I like it a lot. (It’s also 85,000 words.)

giant’s wife, 1/13

With a gasp, Jacey grabbed onto the saddle horn to catch herself from falling. Her legs felt like they could not support her. Major Pauldor glanced at her and then touched her arm.

“Miss Jacey?”

Jacey shook her head as the blood slowly returned and she could stand again. With a deep breath, she pushed herself up and looked at him.

“I’m okay.”


giant’s wife, 01/12

Dylan helped Jacey down from the horse and held her arm a moment longer as she regained her balance. She smiled at him when she did and he moved back.

“You haven’t changed much, have you?”

Jacey shook her head. “Not really.”


giant’s wife, 1/11

After barely one day, Heddwyn felt like he had lost a part of himself. Often, he found himself either repeating orders or asking for someone to repeat what he just said. He caught himself on multiple occasions searching for Jacey through the tents, all the while knowing that Jacey would not be there….


giant’s wife, 1/10

The gray sky weighed heavily on Jacey’s spirit the next morning, making her almost feel as if she would cry. She watched Heddwyn stow her bags on the horse as he had done hundred of other times. Except this time, they weren’t leaving together. She tugged her cloak tighter and waited. As he finished, he turned and looked at her. Jacey bit her lip and swallowed….


giant’s wife, 1/08

Heddwyn tugged the dressing tight around his hand again. They hadn’t know he was coming exactly, but when his sources said they did not expect any attack and they were prepared enough to rebuff him, something was lacking. That did not mean they failed their attack but it did mean that it wasn’t as successful as he normally  liked.

And it meant he had been injured….


giant’s wife, 1/07

I suppose that these two sections (yes, there are really two) are probably not the best thing ti put in. I wanted to summarize things quickly because, although we are always told to show, not tell, there wasn’t much to show. People liked her, everything is fine, ect. I also didn’t know how to show growing tension between countries. But, I do think they are necessary parts, even if they probably should be rewritten.


Life fell into a normal routine rather quickly and the month off slowly faded into the background. Alternating between scirmishes, moving and setting up, they had very little time left for much more.

With the knowledge that Jacey spoke Targo, the men loved her even more. She became likened to a sister. Although they sometimes asked her to do favors for them, like mending patches that they do themselves, they returned the favor with presents. It was her that they looked for when they came back and it was her they prefered when they were injured after the battle….


giant’s wife 1/06

Jacey stood watching the soldiers set up the camp. Though she had ridden with Heddwyn nearly every day, her body still ached from being in the saddle all day. Worse, they would just be setting up a basic camp, so they could sleep and then move on in the morning. No reason to waste any more time than necessary near Targo.