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Block the world.

We all have distractions in our life. We all have things that demand our attention, even if we don’t want it to.

I come from a six person family. We have three dogs, and generally speaking a lot of people are at home. To top that off, my sister might be playing the wii, but she starts rambling about everything since I’m just sitting on the couch doing “nothing.” Even if I ask her to not talk, she forgets and starts again.

Side trail: Am I the only one, or do all the plot bunnies seem to live in the shower? Everything is perfectly fine and I understand everything and I forget it all as soon as I get out.

Well, I solve two of these with just one thing. Rain. Seriously.

Rainymood.com (I cannot get the link the work.) has a loop of 30 minutes of rain. And it works for my concentration for a lot of things. Especially if music distracts you.

And I’m sorry if I shared this link before. I know I meant to but I couldn’t find it.

Oh, and one more note. This also works well for ipod touches. It did work for me.

Just a Thought on Developing Weather

In South Dakota, it’s normally rather dry. It might get warm, but even, but the humidity stays pretty low most of the time.

Well, this year we’ve been getting a lot of rain. And when I say a lot, I mean the near by river has been flooded since March,  and we’re breaking record rainfall amounts for both summer and yearly. We’re talking so much rain, the bugs are the happiest they’ve been in a long time.

Well, we’ve also been rather humid. Normally our humidity runs in the thirties.  Now, it’s been normally forty to sixty this year and it just doesn’t go down.

Another example: New Jersey is right by the ocean and an often problem I’ve seen with it is humidity. Right now, they are having a bad drought. It’s so bad that the grass is all brown there. Their humidity has been running constantly in the thirties.

So, I started wonder how much the amount of rainfall ties in with the amount of humidity and the weatherman in the morning basically said it does.

My point then is just something else to think about when developing a society. The more rainfall a place has, the more likely it is to be humid. You can’t have a muggy humid day in a drought area without rain. It’s just not going to happen so far as I can tell.

Just a thought, to add more realism to your story.