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giant’s wife, 1/07

I suppose that these two sections (yes, there are really two) are probably not the best thing ti put in. I wanted to summarize things quickly because, although we are always told to show, not tell, there wasn’t much to show. People liked her, everything is fine, ect. I also didn’t know how to show growing tension between countries. But, I do think they are necessary parts, even if they probably should be rewritten.


Life fell into a normal routine rather quickly and the month off slowly faded into the background. Alternating between scirmishes, moving and setting up, they had very little time left for much more.

With the knowledge that Jacey spoke Targo, the men loved her even more. She became likened to a sister. Although they sometimes asked her to do favors for them, like mending patches that they do themselves, they returned the favor with presents. It was her that they looked for when they came back and it was her they prefered when they were injured after the battle….