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role playing again

I know. I’m suppose to be doing other things. But I’m am so happy.

See,  I have this friend that I talked about a while ago, the one I role played with online for forever. We both went to college and we are both very busy. (I have homework, she has work and homework, and she is a better student than myself.) So, we had to stop role playing.

Well, we mentioned last semester (around November I think) that it’d be fun to rewrite some of our old stories and maybe write some of them into books. And I mentioned it again to her and we talked about it and so we’re actually going to do it.

We’re actually going to write four of our old stories as a role play (meaning they aren’t actually on paper. It’s like a script and we have to add emotion and description and such.) and then we’re going to do another one that is new. (Which, I’m really wanted to do my alternative arranged marriage plot, to be quite honest.)

Now, I don’t think that is going to matter to anything here. Depending on what we write and such, I only might or might not post what I write with her. But I’m excited not only because we get to spend time together again, but because I love doing this. It’s so much more fun to write something when you have a friend writing with you and plotting with you and giving you input.

That is why I want writing friends where I live. But I don’t see that happening any time soon.

super bowl for writing

I don’t like football. However, my dad did and he sent me toe commerical for the green police.

Let’s look at this from a literary point of view. Currently, we have a lot of people who think that we need to be completely eco-friendly and all saving the planet and stuff. Why not put something like this in a story? I’m almost surprised I haven’t thought of this myself.

Maybe not to that extreme but you have a separate police squad for enforcement of green policies. Obviously, people who can travel “greenly” will get preference and better places and such. We could even go further and have special taxes for obeying the laws, such as the compost tax for throwing away biodegradable garbage and taxes for not compliance, such as the gas-car tax.

One thing I would like to point out as humorous however; the green police are using helicopters? Since when is that eco-friendly?  Also, if they have green police that badly, they would not sell those light bulbs or offer plastic bags. Lastly, that person who was reporting should have actually said something along the lines of that even the most innocent appearing citizen is actually a danger to the planet and we were victorious in arresting him so quickly.

That is the end of the writing part. I just have to make a few more comments just in case the audi makers are looking for commentary on the internet. That commercial made it actually sound good to have our lives invaded to the point that we cannot chose what to throw away or how to. Or that we can have people randomly going into our backyard and checking the temperature of our swimming pool. The green police is simply wrong in the very concept and it is sickening to think that some people probably even want that kind of enforcement. At least it’s good to know where some companies stand. I wonder how many customers you lost tonight because of that ad.