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Tips for Editing

So, I found these tips for writers, and many of them seem very valuable and, in some ways, exactly what I’ve been saying.

  1. Write first, edit later. My favorite tip and one I tell to everyone I meet.
  2. Take a break. After a few hours, things get fuzzy.
  3. Edit in stages. Think about the purpose of this project and how important it is you make an impression to determine how much you edit. Also, don’t expect to edit everything at once.
  4. Watch for your own pet problems. This varies from work to work, so be careful.
  5. Repeat the process of editing, setting the work aside, and editing again as often as needed.
  6. Read the work aloud.  I don’t find this that effective, since I tend to insert the words I meant anyway. Also, even without reading, I can pick out the sentences that aren’t quite right. The problem is fixing those sentences.
  7. Get another opinion from someone you trust.

These tips come from this blog. So you might want to look at the more details that you have there.