Hello my friend and hopefully soon- to- be steady reader here. Allow me to explain a few thing that will take you months otherwise to understand.

Posts are done in some semblance of order. That semblance being as follows:

  • Sunday: Sunday is question of the week day. I’ll just ask some question related to writing that I don’t always know the answer to. It’s more of a thinking question, or sometimes a curiosity question.
  • Monday:  Improve your writing with things that I’ve learned or observed. I don’t know everything, so don’t think that this is the official guide to anything. But this will be the most informative part of the blog. (And since I edit college papers for work, I do sometimes give some advice about writing a better collage paper.)
  • Tuesday: Quote or word of advice from someone a whole lot smarter than I am. And someone who is published and has their own wikipedia article.
  • Wednesday: Interesting scientific plot element. I’m going to school for nursing, I’m learning a lot of medical information, and things that might not filter down into the general public at most times I’ll share.  This are sometimes really awesome I think. (And usually things I’ve learned in class.)
  • Thursday: Links! HEre is some interesting link to either an article, or a movie or something that may be useful for writing science fiction.
  • Friday: I rant about my own writing. Or share some of my own. Ether way, it’ about me.
  • Saturday: I take it off because of the sabbath.

Then, I have placed stories of my own, mainly short, stories,  on my pages.

Categories, I’ll get to later. I had logic behind them, but I forgot it at the moment.

So, I hope you stick around and enjoy. You never know what might happen here.

2 responses to “Welcome!”

  1. gene longden says :

    Hello, Aby, Alan sent me the link to your blog, I read all the ebtries all the way back to Dec of ’09.
    I find your blog interesting and entertaining, also the writing advice and examples are helpful.
    I’m a trekie from way back.
    I aknowledge your feelings about autobiographies, but I wanted to give you an opertuity to be part of the most amazing projects, that the SPIRIT and I have planned.
    If you think that finding out further descriptions of any of these projects, if you might have the time, give me a call at (*Deleted by moderator*) we can discuss anything and everything you wish.
    Thank you for putting in the time and effort to create your most ausome blog.
    Bless you and yours, I will pray that the COMFORTER guide you through the grief over your Rosie.

    • Abigail says :

      I’m glad you liked my blog.

      I suppose about telling your story, it would depend on the medium used, and the story. Some stories inherently are longer, while others should be told in shorter lengths. I do not feel comfortable calling you, not to mention I don’t have time for a long conversation at the moment. If you approve, I can e-mail you and you can give me more details. I can’t tell you anything at this time.

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