How to write less badly.

When an article is named like my subject, it’s hard to compete with coming up with something as equally interesting. Because seriously, less badly sounds wrong.

That being said, my friend shared a link about how to write less badly. But just the highlights here.

2. Set goals based on output, not input. “I will work for three hours” is a delusion; “I will type three double-spaced pages” is a goal.

4. Give yourself time.

5. Everyone’s unwritten work is brilliant. And the more unwritten it is, the more brilliant it is.

7. Write, then squeeze the other things in.

8. Not all of your thoughts are profound. Many people get frustrated because they can’t get an analytical purchase on the big questions that interest them. Then they don’t write at all.

9. Your most profound thoughts are often wrong. Or, at least, they are not completely correct.

And then my most favorite thing of all time:

10. Edit your work, over and over.

I do encourage you to read the whole article however, since it is quite good, and since I only gave you a small outline of it here.

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